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The 7 Best Free Computer Antivirus Software

The benefit of having an Antivirus Software on your computer is that your computer will be safe and protected from the virus and malware. There are types of viruses which have many unique ways to impact your device. The risk of happening can be crucially reduced through recent anti-virus protection. Most of the viruses are transmitted via infected email, when the user enters corrupts websites, use of virus infected pen-drives etc.

norton antivirus support

How to Activate Norton Antivirus on Mac?

If we see the present situation then we can figure out that every system needs an antivirus to get protection from unwanted virus or malware threats. You can install any trusted antivirus software but installing Norton antivirus in your PC provides you the best virus protection. It gives real-time security by scanning all files of your system.


How to Connect The Wi-Fi in Mac?

This article explains you how to connect the Wi-Fi with your Mac. Apart from that you can also create a new Wi-Fi Network. In case if you are under the range of internet and after putting the password into your Mac device, still not able to connect the Wi-Fi then call the expert technician Mac OS Tech Support for the instant solution.


Common Fixes for Chrome Crashes or If It Won't Open

Looking for quick steps to resolve Google Chrome Crashes in Windows OS? This article is for you. Before jump onto the steps we are mentioning, following are the common issues you may face while using Google Chrome.

  • Certificate Error
  • Phishing and Malware Warnings
  • 404 Not Found
  • Customized Page Error
  • Server Not Found
  • Unable to connect or Internet error

Easy Steps to Install Antivirus for Window 10

Once you have upgraded to windows 10, you always think about one question that is, “Do I need to install antivirus software?” Well, the first answer will be NO because windows already has in-built antivirus protection program, Windows Defender. In recent comparison studies, it has found that Windows Defender lacks efficiency in protecting your windows from virus or malware attack.


How do Impetus Support solve Printer Issues?

When your printer does not works correctly or any problem impacting its functionality and performance, then instant troubleshooting by a certified and highly skilled expert is very crucial to managing such issues. With the help of an experienced and well qualified technical team, we have been able to deliver suitable pocket friendly solution to all printer related error. Our team work round the clock to resolve all the technical issues as early as possible. We have also availed online Printer Tech Support number to assist you in flexible hour. As the technology of the printers and computers are too much complicated for most of the users, therefore, Printer Repair Services are accessible online to assist end-users to resolve their tech related problems.